[Matroska-users] Re: [Matroska-devel] Multiple subtitles and Haali splitter

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Wed May 18 18:02:42 CEST 2005

Ah OK, then there are 2 problems.

I think Haali is using a standard COM interface to let the player know 
about different streams. Maybe BSPlayer supports another one (I just 
verified and it works in MPC).

Meanwhile you can switch to the other streams directly from the Splitter 
icon in the tray (next to DVobSub and FFDShow) during playback.

taxaza a écrit :
> Thanks for the quick answer!
> I am not quite sure I understand your answer. The files I try to play are
> XviD (or H.264) + MPEG4 HAAC (5.1) + 2 subtitle streams (two different
> languages, for example Greek and English subtitles) all inside the matroska
> container (I really do not care about playing RealVideo). They play back
> just fine, video+audio stream and also the default subtitle stream (Greek
> subtitles) appears OK. Bsplayer gives you the option to switch between
> subtitle streams, if multiple streams are contained. If I use Haali splitter
> only the default stream appears in the list of subtitles (only Greek) so I
> cannot switch to the alternative subtitle stream (English). If I use Gabest
> splitter (MPC also uses it internally) the subtitles list appears correctly
> and I can successfully switch between the two subtitles.
> In order to test it yourself I attach this sample XviD + MPEG4 HAAC (5.1) +
> 2 subtitle streams (Greek and English, Greek is the default subtitles). Try
> to switch the subtitles to English using Haali splitter. Do not use MPC
> since it uses Gabest splitter internally. I do not know about the other
> players if they use an internal splitter or not (I haven't tried them).
> I use BSplayer since it has the lowest CPU usage and with H.264 and HAAC my
> PC just barely makes it, so I need every cycle I can save.
> Again thanks for your help and your work on the best container!
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> The bug is in BSPlayer. I just tried the latest version and it plays
> MPEG4 in Matroska, but not files with RealVideo. It works in all other
> players (MPC, TCMP, WMP, ZoomPlayer).
> taxaza a ecrit :
>>When I use use bsplayer to play matroska files only the first subtitle 
>>stream is detected. Using Gabest splitter all subtitles streams are 
>>detected and can be used.
>>Could you please have a look into it?
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