[Matroska-users] using matroska editions for multiangle dvd rips

Vincent nise at newmail.ru
Sat May 7 22:14:51 CEST 2005

i have the full main video track, additional video files (no audio) for 3 
multiangle chapters, full audio track and the basic chapter file created by 
chapter grabber. everything is ready to be muxed into mkv container. i want to 
put all of this together in such a way that user can switch video angles while 
viewing multiangle chapters.

i understand this might be doable thru both mmg and amg with the use 
of "editions". i've been reading their documentation on chapters and editions 
all evening and the instructions for doing this still seem very vague to me. i 
would really appreciate if the authors could briefly outline here the process 
of accomplishing such a task using their merge tools. 

and consequently i would like to make this also a feature request: a step-by-
step "multiangle mkv" how-to-guide would surely be an invaluable addition to 
the current sets of documentation for both mkvmerge and avi-mux gui.

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