[Matroska-users] Re: Your brilliant software and burning to dvd

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sat Mar 5 09:27:00 CET 2005

Hikari no Tenshi schrieb:

> Hello,
> I've recently downloaded a mkv copy of the "Cutey Honey" live action 
> movie, which uses your wonderful soft subtitles feature...
> I'm amazed by the quality and awesomeness of your program and the cool 
> features it offers.
> But because my computer's processor isn't fast enough to handle the 
> video (DVD-rip) at full speed, i was hoping to burn it to dvd, and 
> wondering if there was an easy way to do it?
> Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks  Hikari


there are 2 ways, depending on the video codec that was used for your rip :

1. If the Video was DivX or XviD : Using mkvextract from the mkvtoolnix 
tool package ( http://mkvmerge.matroska.org for win32 ), which can only 
be operated from Command Line ( CLI ) and doesnt have an official GUI 
yet , to extract all the video, audio and subtitles streams in the MKV. 
Once you have the video in AVI format, your normal DVD processing tool 
should be able to handle things. For the audio, your goal must be to 
convert it to PCM WAV, and one of the most versatile tools to do this is 
the free audio player Foobar2000 ( http://www.foobar2000.org ). In 
theory, it should be able to open the audio stream in your MKV file 
directly, if you get the special installer including the matroska 
plugin, this will even save the extraction step with mkvextract.

For the subtitles, i have no idea if modern DVD editor apps will allow 
the creation of subtitles, if not you had to reencode the complete movie 
( on a slow computer, this can take ages ) and hardburn the subs into 
the picture. Not a good idea IMO ;-) ....

2. If the video is Realvideo ( RV40 / RV9 / RV 10 ) the best way is to 
use TMPGencoder, which should be able to process the MKV file directly 
into MPEG2 DVD format, using its DirectShow Media Reader module, but 
then you have to make sure your movie will play in Windows Mediaplayer 
first ( or any other DirectShow based player like TCMP, BSplayer or 
Zoomplayer ). Your DVD burner software should be able to handle the 
MPEG2 created from TMPGencoder without any hassle, but again dont ask me 
about how to process subtitles on modern DVD burner software. There 
certainly is a way to feed the subs together with the main window into 
TMPG during the MPEG2 encoding, but the only way i could think of right 
now is to use AVISynth, and thats a bit complicated IMO.

Hope this helped

matroska project admin

P.S. There is a mailing list specifically for questions like this, its 
matroska-users ( see cc. )
P.P.S. There is an unofficial GUI for mkvextract to be found here : 

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