[Matroska-users] DVD burning

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sun Jun 26 13:36:06 CEST 2005

Jeremy Gentry schrieb:

> First off let me say that I love any file I have seen in your 
> format....its always so, for the lack of a better word, Perfect.  But 
> I do have one problem with it that I have so far not been able to lock 
> down.  I use DVD santa to burn my own DVDs, And Any file I have, OGG, 
> AVI, MPEG Ect. It burns without any problems.  But I can't burn 
> Matroska files to DVD with that program. I understand you have nothing 
> to do with 3rd party software liek that but I was Hoping you all could 
> tell me if you have a decoder in the works to fix this or if you have 
> another Video file to DVD program you could recommend to me.  Any Help 
> you can give would be awesome. Jeremy

Hi Jeremy,

thanks for your polite support request. We are used a lot to get bashed 
from users complaining that they cant convert matroska files easily into 
DVDs, for use on their standalones, therfore its nice to receive a 
positive feedback like yours is.

However, it seems you currently dont have the right understanding what 
matroska actually is. Its NOT a video format for content distribution, 
matroska is a general use video container allowing people to create 
videos using almost all existing video, audio and subtitles format 
existing. For this very reason, MKV files cant contain a huge number of 
different audio and video compression methods, making it VERY hard, if 
not impossible, for software developers like the DVD Santa devs, to add 
a 'decoder' allowing them to read every MKV file under the sun, for the 
DVD creation from it.

The only method that USED to work, was to use TMPGencoder and use its 
DirectShow Reader module to feed the MKV files in the MPEG2 encoding 
process, but it seems that for same reason this doesnt work anymore with 
either our recent splitter, or recent TMPG versions, or both. Sorry i 
dont have any better news for you here. Another alternative is to try to 
use the CLI program mkvextract ( there is also a GUI for it, from our 
Spanish friends ) from the mkvtoolnix package, and to extract all the 
audio and video tracks in the MKV.

Best regards

matroska project admin

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