[Matroska-users] DVD burning

Jeremy Gentry velks_suisonic at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 26 03:38:16 CEST 2005

First off let me say that I love any file I have seen in your format....its 
always so, for the lack of a better word, Perfect.  But I do have one 
problem with it that I have so far not been able to lock down.  I use DVD 
santa to burn my own DVDs, And Any file I have, OGG, AVI, MPEG Ect. It burns 
without any problems.  But I can't burn Matroska files to DVD with that 
program. I understand you have nothing to do with 3rd party software liek 
that but I was Hoping you all could tell me if you have a decoder in the 
works to fix this or if you have another Video file to DVD program you could 
recommend to me.  Any Help you can give would be awesome.


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