[Matroska-users] problems with the program

Jesus E. Rosan Caro thecopycat at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 02:53:04 CEST 2005

ok , sorry for bother again i didn't knew it so i will translate my mail.

"hi, i have recently downloaded your program that let windows media
player read the archives with format MKV, i download media player 10,
and i can see the video but i cant hear the audio and i have
downloaded several codecs, and i also download the program for the
creation of MKV files, but i cant find a way to separate again the
files, is there any way i can do it?, because the files  type mpeg,
subtitles and the others that includes the file in the MKV format it
isnt useful because the programs for the creation of dvd or vcd dont
recognize the MKV format, i wish if you can help me please to learn
about i can do those things please.
thank you
by jesus enrique rosano caro"

well that's what i wrote in the past mail i wish you could help me,
sorry for the bother again.

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