[Matroska-users] Re: This is concerning your software.

Atamido paul at msn.com
Mon Jul 18 18:48:18 CEST 2005

Luigil Quinones wrote:
> I want to know how to turn a movie that's mkv into a dvd that i could 
> watch on my dvd player in my house
> and also is there a place that i could see all my video filters so i 
> could take one out cause my video is coming out nasty looking with 
> colors looking like they are damaged but if i play clips from the 
> internet or something they don't mess up so i need like a clue or 
> something or anything that could lead me to the the cuase of this. It 
> would trully be appreciated.

To convert an MKV to DVD, Google is your friend.  To see what filters 
are being used to play videos, use GraphEdit.


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