[Matroska-users] Re: [Matroska-general] Nothing works to playback Matroska files.

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sun Jan 2 11:01:41 CET 2005

Abrasha schrieb:

> Christian HJ Wiesner wrote:
>> Abrasha schrieb:
>>> So I downloaded a movie in a format that I was not familiar with.  
>>> Soon found out, that .mkv stands for Matroska, so I went to the 
>>> matroska site.
>>> I downloaded all the codecs. I downloaded The Core Media Player, I 
>>> downloaded the Classic Media Player.
>>> The movie files would not open in any of my media players.
>>> [snip]
>>> In fact, in my humble opinion, in it's current state
>>> Abrasha
>>> http://www.abrasha.com 
>> Nice. You are downloading a pirated movie from the internet, you dont 
>> even know if its a fake file, but you feel its a good idea to 
>> 'motivate' us to help you by telling us our project sucks. Your email 
>> was probably the result of a frustrating evening of trying to get the 
>> file to play ..... still i'd claim you owe us an apology.
>> I bet my right arm that your movie contains Realvideo ( RV 9 , RV 10, 
>> FourCC : RV40 ), and this means you have to install either Realplayer 
>> ( dont use it to play the MKV file, just install it as it will bring 
>> the right decoder for Realvideo decompression to your PC ), or 
>> RealAlternative to play the file. In our latest installer pack ( 
>> 1.0.3 ) we were adding a HUGE WARNING IN BOLT LETTERS for those user 
>> who cant read, or are too lazy for that, that they dont have the 
>> right decoders for Realvideo on their PC, as we know there are many 
>> MKV files with Realvideo out there in the wild. Unfortunately, we are 
>> not allowed to ship the Realvideo decoders with our packs, 
>> RealNetworks strictly forbid that for licensing reasons.
> Interesting rant.  Rather useless in my case, since I have Realplayer 
> installed.
> Still no go!

This was NOT a rant. But 95% of all user complaints we get, especially 
those with playback problems, do have issues with MKV files they 
downloaded from the internet, containing Realvideo. Many of them claim 
they are 'advanced users' , so sorry if i questioned your status of 
being an experienced video user beforehand. It seems you know your stuff 
quite well, and also did some searching before turning here.

>> There is another nice tool advertised in our new section, made by 
>> Toff, that could help you here. Its called matroskadiag.exe ( 
>> http://www.matroska.org/%7Etoff/MatroskaDiag.exe ) and will analyze 
>> your MKV files for missing codecs.
> Exactly my point.  Just download another half dozen apps or so, to 
> figure out what you have to do to make an .mkv file play.
> Matroska is not ready for prime time.  This should never have been 
> released yet.  It's not even ready for beta testing.  Alpha maybe.
> Abrasha
> http://www.abrasha.com

We have roughly 100,000 downloads / month my friend, and we get less 
than 5 complaints like this in an average. Even if we assume only 1% of 
them find their way to this list, this makes roughly 500 ( a 0.5% ratio 
) users with problems. Just because our filters give problems on your 
machine, you shouldnt judge about the status of our project just based 
on this negative experience of yours. We have MANY happy users, and 
their number is growing every month.

You said earlier that you are having a lot of different DirectShow 
filters installed on your machine, and i am convinced that you are 
facing an incompatibility of one of these filters with ours. It could be 
helpful for us to find out what's causing the problems, and in return we 
could work together to make the movie play on your machine. Of course, 
only if we find the way back to normal communication, and stop the 
insults and prejudices from both sides.

A first step would be to use matroskadiag.exe, as i was telling you 
above on the file. Alternatively, as you are an experienced user, you 
could use Microsoft's DirectShow diagnostic tool, graphedit.exe, and try 
a 'file' 'render media' on your MKV file, and send me a screenshot of 
your playback graph. Please note that Graphedit is a very helpful tool 
for all kinds of playback problems on DirectShow, so as an advanced user 
you should have it anyhow.

Peace :-) ??

matroska project admin

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