[Matroska-users] Re: Help Please

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sat Jan 1 20:41:16 CET 2005

Hi Marc,

sorry, but you have to understand that we are very busy in further 
improving our format, so we dont have the necessary time to help people 
with this kind of things ( our heart is bleeding when people convert our 
nice files into old MPEG stuff, just because they are all using 
outdated, obsolete hardware players ). The only hint i can give you is 
to use TMPGencoder. It has a module to open files with DirectShow 
filters, so whenever you can play a file in Windows Mediaplayer ( WMP ), 
TMPGencoder can also open the file for encoding into MPEG 1 ( VCD ) or 

Sorry if i cant give you any better advice, but i know for sure Nero 
wont work for what you are trying to do. Dont try to convert the MKV to 
AVI first, there is a very good reason why we are working hard on MKV, 
to be able to replace this old, outdated container ;-) ....

matroska project admin

Marc S. Gallin schrieb:

> Hi Chris,
> I've visited your home page and have found a wealth of information 
> about creating and watching movie files with the .mkv extension, but 
> I'm unsure how to burn these files onto DVD so I can watch them on my 
> home video unit.  I can view them on my PC with no problems with this 
> extension, but my NERO program will not recognize these files.  Can 
> you give me any help in how I can convert them back to an AVI or MPEG 
> file so I can burn them ?  
> Thanks in advance for your help and Best Regards,
> Marc S. Gallin
> High Wire Graphics
> www.highwiregraphics.com <http://www.highwiregraphics.com/>

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