[Matroska-users] problem with english

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sat Feb 26 17:42:36 CET 2005

boo schrieb:

> hi i am using the matroska codec pack and playing well trying to play 
> a mkv file multi lang all lang work except for english when i click 
> english the video and sound becomes jerky and eventually freezes i am 
> using vlc to play it as media player classic and mp9 don't show video 
> any ideas

If you are using VLC, there is no point installing the matroska playback 
pack, as VLC has built-in matroska support, and also has decoders for 
most of the video compression formats used today. However, its strange 
that VLC can play the MKV file, while MPC and WMP9 can't, as we are 
distributing the great ffdshow decoder filter in our playback pack, 
allowing to decode most video formats on DirectShow based players like 

I would really like to know what video format was used in these MKV 
files. In VLC, can you goto 'View' , 'Stream and Media Info' and tell us 
what video codec is reported there ? Same for the audio streams, so we 
can get an idea what might be causing the jerkiness problems ?

matroska project admin

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