[Matroska-users] Why doesnt mkvmerge support ISO639-1 codes anymore?

Alexey com at nforum.de
Fri Feb 4 02:12:27 CET 2005

Hi all again!

Meanwhile I wrote a chain of coreutils commands to extract the ISO-639-2
code for the respective ISO639-2:

mkvmerge --list-languages | grep -m 1 -e .*\|.*\|.*[^'co']xx | tr -s ' '
| sed -e s:' '::g | cut -f 2 -d \|

xx is the two-letter language code, the output is the three letter code.
I will use this in my script now but I would be still glad to know what
about "native" support for ISO-639-1.

Oh and I registered for this mailing list, so I think I should get all
the answers anyway.



On Fri, 2005-02-04 at 01:20 +0100, Alexey wrote:
> Hi all!
> I am writing a bash script that rips DVDs with several audio and
> subtitle tracks and merges everything into the matroska container at the
> moment. Of course the script is supposed to merge the audiotracks with
> the respective language code. The language codes I extract from the DVD
> are ISO639-1 (two letters long) of course. So it would be very nice if I
> could just pass them on to mkvmerge.
> I found a manpage on the net that said, that mkvmerge accepts also
> ISO639-1 but my version doesn't. It only accepts ISO639-2 (three letters
> long). As I have the newest version of mkvtoolnix I assume I also DO
> have the newest version of mkvmerge and thus the manpage I found is
> outdated.
> So my question is: Why did you remove support of two-letter ISO639-1
> language codes for mkvmerge? It would make the merging process much
> easier.
> Now I will need process the output of mkvmerge --list-languages with
> grep or something to get the ISO639-2 code for the respective ISO639-1
> code. Of course this is pretty annoying.
> The version I use (from gentoo portage):
> mkvtoolnix-0.8.8
> Regards
> Alexey
> P.S. I am not very familiar with mailing lists. Will I recieve your
> answers automatically or do I have to register to the mailing list
> seperatelly?
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