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Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Tue Feb 1 23:31:54 CET 2005

Sil, Sebas, Pippi en Geike schrieb:

> <>Sorry to bother you, but I have an mkv file that Iw ould like to 
> make playable in an dvd player. Is that possible? 
> Greetings Sebas

http://www.zensonic.com/press_z500.php  <--- these guys are claiming to 
launch the first DVD player with MKV support soon  ;-). All other 
players cant play MKV files. Your only chance is to reencode the MKV 
files into a DVD, probably done best by using TMPGencoder and its 
DirectShowSource filter. To make this work, you first need to be able to 
play the files on your PC, the one you are using to reencode the file 
into DVD format ( MPEG2 ). I assume you have a program like Nero Burning 
ROM to master/create DVDs ?

matroska project admin

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