[Matroska-users] Problem on matroskasplitter register

Pamina yume.nomiko at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 05:42:12 CET 2005


I was trying to see an mkv file,
I used to watch my files on zoomplayer, and though that a i had installed
but when I loaded this file that a i am shure that was completed, because in
my sister computer with BSplayer the file had opened normally.  When I tried
to manually register the matroska spliter.ax, i received the followed
message error: Unable to register DLL/OCX. Loadlibrary failed. Code 31.  I
would like to know what I have to do to register matroska or what file is
corrupted and needs to be replaced.
Note that I installed matroska with the matroska pack full v.1.03

Waiting an answer and thanks for being so kind by reading this message.  (I
know that my english is very bad...sorry! )
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