[Matroska-users] problem with subtitles

Alexey com at nforum.de
Sun Feb 6 19:49:09 CET 2005

Hi all !

I have a problem with subtitles dumped by mplayer. I get this warning
when merging them:

Warning: vobsub_reader: '/tmp/nrip3/subtitles.idx', line 45: The current
timestamp (00:04:43.479) is smaller than the last one (00:04:43.480).
mkvmerge will sort the entries according to their timestamps. This might
result in the wrong order for some subtitle entries. If this is the case
then you have to fix the .idx file manually.
Warning: spu_extract_duration: Encountered broken SPU packet (next_off <
start_off) at timecode 00:04:43.479. This packet might be displayed
incorrectly or not at all.

And really, there is one subtitle block missing although its only one

I dumped the subtitles with this mplayer command from a DVD image on

mencoder dvd://1 -dvd-device /path/to/dvdimage/ -ifo
path/to/dvdimage/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_0.IFO -vobsubout subtitles
-vobsuboutindex 0 -sid 0 -nosound -ovc copy -o /dev/null

Although this is likely a mplayer issue I thought that maybe you could



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