[Matroska-users] Why doesnt mkvmerge support ISO639-1 codes anymore?

Alexey com at nforum.de
Fri Feb 4 01:20:32 CET 2005

Hi all!

I am writing a bash script that rips DVDs with several audio and
subtitle tracks and merges everything into the matroska container at the
moment. Of course the script is supposed to merge the audiotracks with
the respective language code. The language codes I extract from the DVD
are ISO639-1 (two letters long) of course. So it would be very nice if I
could just pass them on to mkvmerge.

I found a manpage on the net that said, that mkvmerge accepts also
ISO639-1 but my version doesn't. It only accepts ISO639-2 (three letters
long). As I have the newest version of mkvtoolnix I assume I also DO
have the newest version of mkvmerge and thus the manpage I found is

So my question is: Why did you remove support of two-letter ISO639-1
language codes for mkvmerge? It would make the merging process much

Now I will need process the output of mkvmerge --list-languages with
grep or something to get the ISO639-2 code for the respective ISO639-1
code. Of course this is pretty annoying.

The version I use (from gentoo portage):



P.S. I am not very familiar with mailing lists. Will I recieve your
answers automatically or do I have to register to the mailing list

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