[Matroska-users] Re: great program, does it work on a mac?

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sat Dec 31 16:29:36 CET 2005


thanks for the kind words. Bear in mind, the amazing video quality of 
the MKV movie you got is not thanks to matroska, but to the video codec 
(compression format) that was used in it. matroska is just the container 
(wrapper) giving the author of the movie the flexibility to combine his 
preferred video codec with subtitles and any audio format he wanted to 
use. matroska is similar to ZIP, but with the ability to play the file 
without an 'unzipping' process before.

matroska was started to replace the old, outdated AVI container. We're 
on a good way, but there is still a long way in fromt of us until MKV 
will be more used than AVI.

To answer your question : The only players supporting MKV on MacOSX are

- Xine
- mplayer

or there OSX compiles respectively. Just note that some video 
compression formats are not supported on MacOSX, like Realvideo or ON2 
VP 5/6/7. This is not our fault, but the decision of the companies 
behind these compression formats to not replace decoder for Mac's.

matroska project admin

j rodigues schrieb:

> Dear Chris,
> First of all allow me to praise your phenomenal team for putting out 
> an awesome program.  Matroska rules.  I am using it and it puts DIVX 
> to shame.  The clarity I get on my PC is amazing.
> One question though do you guys have a version of Matroska that works 
> on a MAC running OSX?  I checked the site and was not able to find the 
> link.
> Thanks for the great product and keep up the fantastic work.
> Thank You, Messiah Walks

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