[Matroska-users] Windows me problem (similar to win98)

Andres Taveras andy2310467 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 22 17:48:30 CET 2005

Hello, I know you've seen this before, but


i am sorry to say but Windows 98 is an obsolete OS,
and not supported by 
most of our stuff. You also have to be aware that most
of the video 
compression methods used in MKV files today will
require at least an 
Athlon XP > 1GHz for smooth playback, so you maybe
wont be able to play 
the MKV file you got at all on your old PC.

Last thing i can recommend to you is to try VLC 0.8.4
player from 
http://videolan.org . Its not based on DirectShow, so
you don't need any 
matroska packs installed. Also its reported to work
fine on Win9X.

matroska project admin

a a schrieb:

> hello I went to the site:
> http://packs.matroska.org/
> Matroska Pack Full v1.1.2 (2005-10-15) doesnt work
because I'm using 
> Windows 98
> Matroska Pack Lite v1.1.2 (2005-10-15) *does not
install completely*
> there is an error associated with this pack I
donwload and try to 
> install. 
> *it says "Runtime Error.  this application has
requested the 
> Runtime to terminate in an unusual way.  please
contact the 
> application's support team for more information."* 
> why is this happening??   I try earlier lite packs
but they fail to 
> play the video I want to play, which is a mastroka
> I use windows media player classic version
> and I have another windows media player classic
version  but 
> it doesnt work there either. 
> please help

I have checked the other email about the same problem
I'm having with the installation of the matroska pack
lite 1.1.2 and you said earlier that there was no
support for win98, but I've have the same problem with
windows me, any way to get around it? I've tryed the
newest vlc player, but in some (or most old) MKV files
I play won't play right or it freezes up the image and
I get frusterated with it, if played in windows media
classic, it plays fine with the older versions of
matroska packs, but it messes up with other codecs
installed no matter what I try whether it's the lite
or the full version of 1.1.1 1.0.3 or older... Help... Thanks

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