[Matroska-users] Log for mkv file where video doesn't play

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Mon Aug 29 15:12:16 CEST 2005

Hi Martin,

there seems to be nothing wrong with your MKV file, just that its 
creator has used a rather unknown, exotic video codec called ON2 VP6, 
and the VLC player has no support for this one.

However, if you google for ON2 VP6 and install their (free IIRC) 
DirectShow decoder filter, the file should play fine in Windows 
Mediaplayer or any other (better) DirectShow based player, like 
Zoomplayer, MPC or TCMP. Of course only if you have at least the 
matroska lite playback pack installed, that is (i assume you are having 
the full pack installed).

Speaking of the reasons why VLC has no support for this codec, ON2 is 
doing the same mistake like RealNetworks and are not releasing free 
decoder libraries for their video codec (using GPL or L-GPL license), 
making it almost impossible to add decoding capabilities for these 
codecs to the VLC player without breaking the GPL license that VLC is 
released under. However, there could be the chance to write decoder 
plugins for VLC using existing DLLs or the DirectShow filters directly, 
but nobody has done that yet.

If you cant consider to use a DirectShow based player at all on your PC, 
you may check if maybe Xine or mplayer and their win32 compiles will 
offer some form of support for ON2 VP6.

matroska project admin

Martin Lacoste schrieb:

> *Below is the log for an mkv file that, with VLC player, will play 
> only audio, no video.  When I tried to convert, it said they could 
> 'not find a recognizable video track'.  Any ideas as to either what 
> player might work, or what program I can convert this file, or am I 
> out of luck.
> Thanks!
> Martin Lacoste*
> *Matroska file info : C:\Martin\Downloads\The Daily Show November 
> 2003\Daily Show - [2003.11.10] - Will Ferrell.mkv*
> *File size* : 38.02 MB
> *File complete* : yes
> *Duration* : 00:21:29.299
> *Title* : The Daily Show - November 10th, 2003
> *Writing application* : mkvmerge v0.9.1 built on Jun 15 2004 23:29:28
> *Muxing application* : libebml v0.7.0 + libmatroska v0.7.0
> *Date* : 2003-10-14 08:00:19.000
> *Tracks* : 2
> *Track 1* : Video
>    *
>       *Codec* : Microsoft VFW compatibility mode (V_MS/VFW/FOURCC)
>     * *Fourcc* : On2 VP6 (VP61)
>     * *Language* : English (eng)
>     * *Pixel Width* : 320
>     * *Pixel Height* : 240

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