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Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Fri Aug 12 07:35:30 CEST 2005

Dear Oliver,

in the matroska full pack 1.1.1 there is a tool incuded called


It will analyze your MKV file and find out what is missing to play it.
Please bear in mind, MKV is a general use audio and video container, and
there are more than 100 different audio and video compression formats
that can be used to create a MKV file. To get an idea, read here :
http://www.matroska.org/technical/specs/codecid/index.html . We don't
know what compression methods were used by the author of your MKV file,
to find out we created matroskadiag.exe .
However, we can by no means include decoders for all of them into our
pack, even if the ffdshow decoder which is coming with it can decode a
big number of them already. In some cases, like for Realvideo (RV9/RV10)
we are even forbidden by law to do that. Real Networks told us they
would sue anybody who is shipping their decoders without paying license
fees, and we are a non-profit organisation without financial background,
so we can't do that.

We had cases when after installation of our codec pack other files,
mainly .wmv files, would not play anymore in WMP, and it looks like the
version of ffdshow we are shipping in our pack is the culprit then.
Unfortunately, we still don't know why this is. However, installing the
very latest version of ffdshow AFTER installation of our 1.1.1. pack
will fix things in most cases then. To get the very latest ffdshow
version, use google.

Hope this helps

matroska project admin

oliver492 at sohu.com schrieb:

> dear sir:
> how are you. i play movies with wmp on my pc and i can play almost all
> kinds of movie paper helped by two plug-ins ,i.e ff-show(latest) and
> vobsub2.23. Last week ifound i could not open a mastrska movie paper.
> so i sought through google , trying to find a way out. i found you and
> dwonloaded lastest plug-in on your web site. however , after i
> installed it, i stil cannot open the paper, what's worse, wmp10 cannot
> play any other movie paper, and i have to uninstalled your plug-in. i
> can choose other player such as mediaplayer classes , but i prefer
> wmp10, i don't want to change other player, i read in you web site,
> which said with your plug-in , wmp can play mastroka movie paper, i
> will appriciate it if you can tell me the solution.

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