[Matroska-users] matroska lite pack 1.1.1 and BSplayer 1.22

Rade Martinovic rocky_mm at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 16 17:19:27 CEST 2005

First I have installed Intel Indeo decoder for some clip I had
downloaded, but then .mkv files lost sound.
Then I installed Matroska Lite Pack 1.1.1 but not until I had
repeated installation with full Haali media splitter .mkv-s
didn't work in BSplayer. With default install BSplayer just gave
me "Can't open" message.

So, now everything works fine, but before, when 1.0.3 worked, I
could use BSplayer for internal switching of the subtitles and
audio streams, but now there is Haali icon in the tray which
does same functionality. But I would like to switch audio and
subtitles internally, so my question is: is there a remedy to
this problem?

On the other note, in MediaPlayerClassic there is DirectVobSub
icon instead of Haali icon, and because MPC has internal
subtitle rendering there are two subtitles on the screen, so I
have to switch off either DirectVobSub or subtitles in MPC. This
does not annoy me much because I don't use MPC much, but maybe
someone would find this behavior interesting.

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