[Matroska-users] I need help with how to play mkv files

bigboss60639 at sbcglobal.net bigboss60639 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Aug 10 07:08:43 CEST 2005

HI, my name is Estevan, and I'm really confused about how to play mkv files. I downloaded the matroska pack, and installed it, but when i tryed to open a movie file in matroska format, it opened with windows media player, n there was a black screen with no picture. The file size was over 700 MB,  and it seems to be fine, the problem is is tat i just don't know how to get it to show a picture. Most of the movie files I have , I play in DivX player. Is there a way to play matroska files in DivX? Anyways, please help me, I need your help! Reach me at raiden60639 at yahoo.com, thank u ^_^
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