[Matroska-users] Matroska probleme!

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Tue Apr 12 16:15:07 CEST 2005

Hi Eddie

try this program here : http://www.matroska.org/%7Etoff/MatroskaDiag.exe

It will analyze your PC and find out what codecs are missing for your 
MKV movie, very likely its the decoder DLLs for Realvideo, as many MKV 
'out there' ;) do contain Realvideo these days. In this case, google for 
'RealAlternative' and install it, or install Realplayer ( RealOne is 
fine, install it with minimum options ) so that the necessary DLLs are 
present on your computer. After that, any DirectShow based player like 
WMP 6.4/7/8/9/10 , Zoomplayer, BSplayer, TCMP or MPC will play your file 
fine. WMP is generally not recommended, because it doesnt have an audio 
stream switcher built in, so you will hear all audio tracks at the same 
time if you MKV file contains more than one.

Personally i recommend TCMP ( http://www.corecoded.com ) or Zoomplayer ( 
http://www.inmatrix.com ), but MPC and BSplayer also have many fans 
amongst our users. VLC is a perfect player for most MKV files and is NOT 
DirectShow based, so you dont need to install our playback pack, but 
very unfortunately there is currently no way to make it play Realvideo 
streams, neither from MKV nor from its native container ( .RMVB ).

I hope this was helpful

matroska project admin

P.S. Die Standard-Sprache hier auf der mailing Liste ist Englisch, aber 
das kriegst Du ja sicher noch hin mit Deinem Schulenglisch, oder ? ;) ....

Eddi schrieb:

> hallo,
> habe Matroska Pack Full v1.0.3 (2004-08-21) intalliert.
> Kann leider trotzdem .mkv Datei nicht in diversen Playern gucken. 
> MP10, PowerDVD 6, VLC 8.
> Ebenfalls kann ich .mkv Dateien nicht in VirtualMode laden.
> Bitte sagen Sie mir woran es liegen kann?
> <>Bitte um Hilfe. Gruss  Eddi

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