[Matroska-users] How to create a DVD

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sat Apr 9 22:24:44 CEST 2005


pls. understand matroska is not a format, its just a container. It will 
allow you to pack different audio and video compression formats into a 
single matroska file, so the excellent quality your file had is a result 
of the capabilities of the responsible codec developers, and not our 

For converting the file into DVD ( MPEG2 ), use TMPGencoder. It has a 
DirectShow source reader plugin, that will allow to convert every video 
file into MPEG format if Windows Mediaplayer can read it. Just set the 
'open file' dialogue window of TMPGencoder to 'all files' so you can see 
the MKV file, as very unfortunately the authors of TMPG continously 
refuse to add .mkv to the list of supported video formats.



Ashe Upadhyaya schrieb:

> <>Dear Support, what an excellent MKV format. The quality of video & 
> audio are simply outstanding.  Well done !
> I have a movie file in MKV format from which I would like to create a 
> DVD or AVI file.  Is this possible?  What tool do I use?
> Look forward to your reply in earnest.<>*
> Ashe*
> *Ashe Upadhyaya*
> *+44 7760 161 888* 

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