[Matroska-users] Re: rmvb

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Thu Apr 14 01:45:22 CEST 2005


just do what we told you already. Install 
http://packs.matroska.org/packs/Matroska_Pack_Full_v1.1.0.beta.exe and 
report back to us. Its IMPOSSIBLE that both languages play at the same 
time, if you install this new pack. Forget converting the file to a DVD, 
you obviously neither have the knowledge nor the feeling of what would 
be necessary to achieve that, as its a very complicated task. In other 
words, matroska container was NOT INVENTED to allow easy converting of 
the files  into DVDs, as matroska can hold streams that can not be put 
into a DVD. Your goal should be to play the file as is, without 
extraction of streams.

Other hints :
- forget VirtualdubMod for MKV handling, this tool is abandoned and outdated
- i don't believe Zoomplayer will not be able to play the MKV file, if 
TCMP can play it. IMO you are simply giving us wrong info here, for 
whatever reason
- if TCMP can not render the file, you won't hear or see anything
- if Realplayer is installed, you will be able to play MKV files with 
realvideo content ( we rape its decoder ), but this doesnt mean 
Realplayer should be used to play MKV files ( it cant, and won't ever be 
able to )
- once you demux the MKV files into its components ( rmvb video, aac 
audio, ssa subtitles ) of course you can't watch the video fully with 
everything. After all, matroska was invented and is being used by so 
many people because there is no other container on this planet allowing 
to play a video files with these component tracks ;) .....


matroska project admin

Maria Duarte schrieb:

> Hi!
> I'm writing to ask you for help.
> I've been fighting for two weeks trying to burn a matroska file into a 
> dvd. I don't know anything about this, just want to watch a movie with 
> subtitles. I downloaded a movie with english and french audio and 
> subtitles. I read all that is available in internet, installed all the 
> software and all I got is a rmvb file, a aac file and a ssa file that 
> can't convert or play.
> -with the core media player I only get audio (both in french and 
> english) and a message saying "> TCMP's Core can not render the file : 
> C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Propriétaire\Mes documents\Mes 
> vidéos\Neverland\Neverland.mkv
> -with zoom player, I can't even open the file: error message: unable 
> to play the file due to a corrupt file, missing filters, filter 
> conflicts or hardware related issues
> -with virtualdubmod the error message is "only handle [s_text/] subs 
> for the moment
> -I also tried river past, avisynth, EO video, gordia knot (can't make 
> it work), real player and many other programs (all that I found) and I 
> still can't play or convert this file. I can watch it without sound 
> with windows media player or real player and I can hear the audio with 
> real player, but can't manage to have video, audio and subtitles.
> I also tried TMPEG and VirtualDubMod and still get error messages.
> Is there any way I can do this?
> Thanks for your help.
> Maria.

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