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I've never done it myself so I don't know exactly how to do this.
I think TMPEGEnc can use input files through DirectShow. And you should 
be able to play this file through DirectShow (either the original .mkv 
or the .rmvb).

For the audio conversion, Winamp can probably help you here.

And for the ASS subtitle file, I have no idea. Maybe someone else on the 
Mailing List does...

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Hi again!

I think I found out why it doesn't work.
When I use the mkvextract GUI to separate the video, audio and subs I get
these files: track1.rmvb, track3.acc and track6.ssa
In order to follow the instructions I found in internet I should convert 
rmvb file into avi file, the acc file into wav or mp3 and the ssa file into
srt file, do you know how to do this?

Other programs such as VirtualDubMod don't recognize neither the mkv file
nor the rmvb file.

I just don't know what else to do.


If you want to burn it to a DVD that can play in DVD players, you will
need to use TMPEGEnc with a DirectShow input files (there are some
guides on the net on how to do that).

robUx4 on blog <http://robux4.blogspot.com/>

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