[Matroska-users] option --dump-splitpoints

Snoopy snoopy.2 at laposte.net
Sat Sep 11 12:14:19 CEST 2004


> > I use this option because I like to cut my films just after a scene,
> > and knowing where the mkv will be splitted is realy usefull for this.
> I could easily add the option again if you want.

This will be great ! 
But I don't want to be boring... You had added this option one year ago,
just after a request I did on this list (the same request)...

> > Split by time splits AFTER the given time, then if we give a time few
> > miliseconds after the start of a scene, the film can be cutted 2-3
> > seconds after the good time (dépend on vidéo key, I think)
> mkvmerge will split right BEFORE the first key frame AFTER the given
> criterium has been met (size of time).

Ok. But if the criterium is just after a key frame, the next key frame can 
be met 2-3 seconds after. If we know where is the key frame, we may give
a criterium just before it. 
At the end of a scene, there is almost all the time a key frame, because the
new frame is realy different from the previous one. (but if scene fade out/fade in)
Thus, If user found a end of scene at 640Mb (for example), and I give to
mkvmerge 639.5Mb as criterium, it should cut the film where I hope.
Correct ? (Or there is too much suppositions ;-))



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