[Matroska-users] Re: mkv problems

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Wed Sep 29 13:03:04 CEST 2004

Nick Gordon wrote:

> Hi, I was reading your reply in a forum and think you may be able to 
> help me. I am trying to play a mkv file and having problems.
> I have VideoLan VLC media player. When I play the mkv file I hear the 
> sound but no picture. When I click on View - Messages, it says
> mkv error: unknow codec id=`V_REAL/RV40'
> You said that I must have RealPlayer. I do, its version
> Also in the messages panel it states,
> main warning: PTS is out of range (312140), dropping buffer.
> Any ideas? I feel that I am close to solving this problem, but really 
> need help. Thanks Nick
Hi Nick,

yes, you are very close. Unfortunately there is currently no way to play 
those files with VLC, its as simple as that. The VLC devlopers follow 
the GPL license ( the one being used for VLC, which is an opensource 
project ) to the letter, and the GPL disallows to link to closed sources 
libraries, such as the Realnetwork DLLs coming with Realplayer for 
decoding RV9 / RV 10 / 'rv40' video.

I am afraid you have to use a DirectShow based player for that, like 
Zoomplayer ( http://www.inmatrix.com ), TCMP ( http://www.corecoded.com 
) or MPC ( http://sf.net/projects/guliverkli ), even Windows Mediaplayer 
( preferably 6.4, search for mplayer2.exe on your c-drive ) should work 
to some extent. After installing the matroska full pack ( latest version 
1.0.3 ) from http://packs.matroska.org, and with Realplayer already 
installed, the files should work perfectly with video and audio.

If you dont want to use M$ DirectShow, your only other chances are to 
try the win32 compiles of mplayer or Xine. Although those are opensource 
and GPL als, their developers didnt have the same problems to link to 
the Real DLLs for Realvideo decoding from MKV files, so they should work 
fine ... just their GUIs may be a bit, well, 'uncomfortable' for Windows 
users :-) ...

Hope this helped

matroska project admin

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