[Matroska-users] Problem with video

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Fri Nov 5 20:42:30 CET 2004

Hi Markku,

this is certainly one of the most asked questions we receive. We tried 
to ensure users are pointed to the problem in the latest 1.0.3 
installer, but obviously we still haven't done enough. If you install 
the 1.0.3 full pack from http://packs.matroska.org, one of the last 
windows should be a check if you have Realplayer installed. This has 
become necessary because we had to learn that more and more users 
release material in MKV files containing Realvideo ( RV 9 / RV 10 ) out 
into the wild, in many cases combined with Vorbis audio and/or SRT/SSA 

As we are not allowed to distribute the Realvideo decoder DLLs in our 
packs ( Real Networks clearly forbids that ) we can do nothing but check 
if Realplayer is installed or not, and point the users to the Realplayer 
homepage or to Realalternative, an 'illegal' codec pack containing only 
the decoder DLLs without the player. In any case, after installation of 
either one, i am quite sure your MKV will play with both audio and 
video, and in either TCMP, MPC, Zoomplayer or even WMP.

DONT try to play the file in Realplayer, it has no idea what MKV files 
actually are. All we need from the installation of Realplayer ( Real One 
suffice ) are the decoder DLLs for Realvideo decoding.

matroska project admin

Markku Reinikainen wrote:

> Hello,
> I cannot play MKV-files. I have tried Windows Media Player and Core.
> Only audio works.
> It says that it cannot render some video-files.
> OGM-files works well.
> What could be wrong?
> Thank You.
> Best Regards,
> Markku

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