[Matroska-users] Audio sync with matroska

Mark Phalan mphalan at o2.ie
Fri May 7 12:29:10 CEST 2004


I recently converted a dvd to vorbis and divx (libavcodec) in the
following way.

Ripped the audio to PCM using mencoder.
Ripped the audio to wav and converted it to ogg vorbis.
Did a 2 stage encode of the video using mencoder and copy for the audio
(from the PCM).
Used mmg to merge the vorbis in and the PCM out to produce my matroska.

The audio sync is waaay out. Initially when I play the DVD (using either
totem (xine-lib based) or mplayer the sound is ok but if I skip to the
middle the sound is totally off by at least 10-20 seconds. 

Is there anyway I can fix this? Why is this happening?



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