[Matroska-users] Problems with mkv-movie

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Wed Jul 28 02:10:20 CEST 2004

okoluet at web.de wrote:

> Good day,
> I have a problem with a mkv-movie. My burning-program doesn't support 
> this type of file and so I can't burn the movie.  Is there any 
> programm which can burn it as vcd ur svcd? Or is it possible to 
> convert the file into an avi or mpg file? If yes, how? Which programm?
> Thanky you, okoluet at web.de

If you burn MKV files with Nero or any other burning program to CDs, you 
have to treat them like normal data, comparable to making a backup of 
any folder or program on your HDD. Dont make a VCD or S-VCD form it, no 
burning program supports MKV as input file, and the necessary conversion 
to MPEG will destroy the quality of any movie.

If your files are too big to be burnt on a single CD ( 700 or 800 MB ), 
you either have to use a DVD-R or try to split them into multiple 
smaller parts. The program mkvmerge ( http://mkvmerge.matroska.org ) has 
an option to load any kind of MKV file, and to set a file splitting size 
for the output file. If you have a 2 GB MKV file, and set 700 MB split 
size, it will give you 2x700 and 1x600 MB pieces, which you can burn to 
normal 80 mins CD with Nero, handled like normal data.

If you have to make VCD/SVCD/DVD from the MKV, because you want t see it 
on a standalone DVD player, use TMPEGencoder and rename the .MKV to .AVI 
so that it can open it ( or set it to open all files in the file opening 
dialogue ). If you can play the MKV files in Windows Mediaplayer, 
TMPEGencoder will be able to open it, and then you can create a 
VCD/SVCD/DVD compatible MPEG stream from it for your burning program.


matroska project admin

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