[Matroska-users] Re: Fwd: MKV to AVI conversion. Assistance please!

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Wed Jul 28 01:56:19 CEST 2004

Trish Pellerito wrote:

>         I have some new files in the MKV format and and presently
>         using VideoLan for play back.
>         Although I really like Matroska's file quality over previous
>         programs, I can't archive some of this data to a disk for
>         storage.    I use the current Nero CD Burn  package for
>         archiving data, but it does not support MKV formats and I'm
>         not program savvy enough to get 'creative' without some
>         further instruction.
>         Any suggestions for conversion without losing my original
>         files?  There wasn't anything I could find in the FAQ or other
>         parts of the Matroska site.
>         These are whup-ass big files!  Any advise would be
>         appreciated. Thanks.

you are obviously trying to create a Video CD ( VCD ) or Super Video CD 
( S-VCD ) with Nero, and then MKV as input file is not supported . Note 
that this doesnt make sense at all, because Nero will convert the input 
file into a MPEG, this takes hours and included a big loss of quality.

If you burn MKV files with Nero, you have to treat them like normal 
data, comparable to making a backup of any folder or program on your HDD.

If they are too big to be burnt on a single CD ( 700 or 800 MB ), you 
either have to use a DVD-R or try to split them into multiple smaller 
parts. The program mkvmerge ( http://mkvmerge.matroska.org ) has an 
option to load any kind of MKV file, and to set a file splitting size 
for the output file. If you have a 2 GB MKV file, and set 700 MB split 
size, it will give you 2x700 and 1x600 MB pieces, which you can burn to 
normal 80 mins CD with Nero, handled like normal data.

Hope this was helpful


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