[Matroska-users] Re: MKXExtract problem :(

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Mon Jul 19 09:58:42 CEST 2004


the subs you have here are vobsub subtitles, taken directly from the 
DVD, and i am sorry to say that mkvextract can currently not handle 
them. Reason is, they are normally encapsulated in a MPEG container, and 
Mosu had no time yet to add such a library to write back the raw blocks 
from the MKV subtitles stream into an MPEG container.

I see from your 2nd email that you are trying to create an OGM file from 
this MKV, but OGM has no support for vobsub subtitles. You had to 
convert it into SRT text subtitles to do so, and i honestly dont know a 
way how you could create SRT subtitles from RAW vobsub frames, i am 
sorry :( . Maybe you could try to generate a graph on DirectShow with 
graphedit.exe, where you connect a MPEG muxer filter after the dvobsub 
decoder and then insert a file writer ?

Sorry i cant help you on this


Pheonix wrote:

>I'm attempting to extract the subtitle file from a .mkv file so that I can
>edit it, and then re-mux it into the file.  The problem I have is that when
>I attempt to extract it with the command "mkvextract tracks hold.mkv
>4:subtitles.sub" I get the error message "Warning: Unsupported CodecID
>'S_VOBSUB' for ID 4. Skipping track." and cannot extract it.  Now, I don't
>know what format the subtitles file will be in afterwords, and I'm not
>exceptionally concerned with it.  Once it's extracted, I can find an editor
>for it somewhere.  My problem is that I cannot get it extracted.  I made
>sure I had the latest mkvtoolnix package and the mkvtoolnix-runtime download
>as well.  I've also tried other tools (such as VirtualDubMod,) to get at
>that stream, but nothing works :(  The file works fine as is in varifilterous
>players.  Any help would be appreciated, even something tha could extract
>the stream in a "raw" format, and then I could find something else to take
>care of the rest would work.

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