[Matroska-users] technical problem - cannot open .mkv file

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sat Jan 31 15:13:34 CET 2004


are you sure the file is not corrupt ? This may happen in some rare 
cases, if the download was disturbed ?

Please try the follwing three things :

1. Right click on your MKV movie in Windows Explorer. Goto 'open with', 
then 'select' and point it to c:\program 
files\WindowsMediaplayer\mplayer2.exe . Then lets see if good old WMP 
6.4 can open the file, if TCMP cant.

2. If 1. doesnt work, goto http://www.videolan.org and download the 
latest win32 binaries of VLC, which comes with native matroska support 
and is NOT based on DirectShow. Latest release should be 0.7.0 if am not 
mistaken. The VLC GUI is not self explaining ( IMO ), so you might find 
you have to fiddle a bit, or even read the docs quickly on how to open a 

3. Last option i can offer is MPC, Media Player Classic. Its half based 
on DirectShow, half coming with internal support. You get it from 
http://sf.net/projects/guliverkli , its only an .exe, so there is no 
need for an installation or such. Just extract it to a folder, and run 
the exe.

If all of those options fail, and you are still motivated to make this 
work, we need to do some testing on your file using some special 
programs we have done, because it may be corrupt then. But, as matroska 
has some pretty good ways to eliminate/correct errors, we may be able to 
rescue the file ( which for most AVIs is impossible BTW ).


Michael Bascon wrote:

> I checked the file information of my .mkv file in the TCMP.  In the 
> matroska tab of the file properties window the Codec ID is value 
> is "V_MS/VFW/FOURCC"; the Extra Codec Info value is "XviD MPEG-4 codec 
> (XVID).  I'm not sure ex actly what this all means but I hope this 
> information will help diagnose my problem.  Once again TCMP can't play 
> the file and it automatically closes.  The same message box comes up 
> displaying
> "Runtime Error!
> This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an 
> unusual way.  Please contact the application's support team for more 
> information."
> This bug also occured while I was checking information in the file 
> properties window
> The following error occured:
> Access violation at address 00404410 in module 'COREPLAYER.EXE'. Read 
> of address 3030382F
> Thank You once again especially for responding to soon.
> Michael
> */Christian HJ Wiesner <chris at wiesneronline.net>/* wrote:
>     Hi Michael,
>     are you actually sure that this movie is using DivX or XviD as video
>     codecs ? As a general use container format, matroska is supp
>     orting a lot
>     of different video and audio codecs. Now, there is a very easy way to
>     find out what codec was used in your movie, as you have 'The Core
>     Media
>     Player' installed. TCMP, as we call it, is coming with a special
>     program
>     called 'T he matroska CDL' that can directly read important file
>     information from the movie.
>     To do that, highlight your movie in the TCMP playlist, then right
>     click
>     on it and goto the last element in the dropdown list, called 'file
>     properties'. In the 'matroska info' tab you have the possibility
>     to look
>     at all the important information for every 'track' in your MKV
>     file, be
>     it the video, audio or subtitles tracks. The first track usually
>     is the
>     video track, and the CDL will tell you the so called 'codec ID'
>     for it.
>     From this codec ID we can tell you what video compression format was
>     used, and what decoder you have to install to be able to play the
>     movie.
>     Personally, i assume this movie is using the gr eat RealVideo 9
>     codec,
>     and you need to install the Real DLLs to be able to view them. In
>     this
>     case, the codec ID of the video track is something like
>     'V_REAL/RV40' .
>     RealOne, RealNetworks free player, will deliver the necessary DLLs to
>     y our system after installation, but there are other ways also ;-)
>     ....
>     Please tell us the codec ID of the video track so we can help you
>     better.
>     Christian
>     Michael Bascon wrote:
>     > Hello, I am having a problem using my .mkv f ile. I have downloaded
>     > and installed the matroska playback file from the matroska
>     website and
>     > I downloaded the Core Media Player. I also have installed an
>     Xvid and
>     > DivX codec. When I tri ed to open and play my movie file I got a
>     > message saying
>     > "Runtime Error!
>     > This application has requested the Runtim to terminate in an
>     unusual
>     > way. Please contact the application's support team for more
>     information."
>     > I have tried thi s also with another .mkv file that I once had but
>     > deleted since I could not open it. Please help me fix my problem.
>     > Thank you
>     > Frustrated matroska user.
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