[Matroska-users] technical problem - cannot open .mkv file

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at wiesneronline.net
Fri Jan 30 11:06:56 CET 2004

Hi Michael,

are you actually sure that this movie is using DivX or XviD as video 
codecs ? As a general use container format, matroska is supporting a lot 
of different video and audio codecs. Now, there is a very easy way to 
find out what codec was used in your movie, as you have 'The Core Media 
Player' installed. TCMP, as we call it, is coming with a special program 
called 'The matroska CDL' that can directly read important file 
information from the movie.

To do that, highlight your movie in the TCMP playlist, then right click 
on it and goto the last element in the dropdown list, called 'file 
properties'. In the 'matroska info' tab you have the possibility to look 
at all the important information for every 'track' in your MKV file, be 
it the video, audio or subtitles tracks. The first track usually is the 
video track, and the CDL will tell you the so called 'codec ID' for it. 
 From this codec ID we can tell you what video compression format was 
used, and what decoder you have to install to be able to play the movie. 
Personally, i assume this movie is using the great RealVideo 9 codec, 
and you need to install the Real DLLs to be able to view them. In this 
case, the codec ID of the video track is something like 'V_REAL/RV40' . 
RealOne, RealNetworks free player, will deliver the necessary DLLs to 
your system after installation, but there are other ways also ;-) ....

Please tell us the codec ID of the video track so we can help you better.


Michael Bascon wrote:

> Hello, I am having a problem using my .mkv file.  I have downloaded 
> and installed the matroska playback file from the matroska website and 
> I downloaded the Core Media Player.  I also have installed an Xvid and 
> DivX codec.  When I tri ed to open and play my movie file I got a 
> message saying
> "Runtime Error! 
> This application has requested the Runtim to terminate in an unusual 
> way.  Please contact the application's support team for more information."
> I have tried this also with another .mkv file that I once had but 
> deleted since I could not open it.  Please help me fix my problem.  
> Thank you 
> Frustrated matroska user.

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