[Matroska-users] Lost XviD playing after installing Matroska (update)

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sun Feb 29 21:25:11 CET 2004

Sebastiaan T wrote:

> I did some more testing. 
> I installed the Nimo Codec Pack Build 7 
> (http://nimo.titanesk.com/modules/news/) and DivX511 and I got XviD 
> back, but then Matroska stopped.
> So I reinstalled Matroska but then XviD crashed again and I found out 
> that DivX5+ also makes WMP9 crash now.

Your problem is most likely the Morgan Stream Switcher, which is part of 
the matroska playback pack, and is known to be incompatible with some of 
the codec packs.

Simply install the matroska playback pack and untick the 'mmswitch' , 
and everything should work fine .....


BTW : Please consider using a better player than WMP9, like TCMP, MPC or 
Zoomplayer ....

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