[Matroska-users] Lost XviD playing after installing Matroska

Sebastiaan T tigchelaar at quicknet.nl
Sun Feb 29 18:50:16 CET 2004


I got a problem after installing the latest version of Matroska with playing XviD coded .AVI files.
I installed the Matroska pack and was able to play the .MKV files in WMP9, but when I start an XviD coded .AVI file WMP9 crashes.

I removed the Matroska pack, but stil WMP9 crashes on XviD coded .AVI even after re-appling Koepi's build XviD and a reboot.
(just tested with WMP6.4 but that one also crashes on XviD coded .AVI files)

Is there anyway to get them both to work or just the XviD coded files?
I am getting a little desperate now on this as Matroska did more harm then helping me with playing .MKV files :(
And half of the Anime files I get via Newsgroups is XviD coded these days :(

Any ideas on how get this all working again?

Thanks for your time.


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