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Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sun Dec 26 13:16:20 CET 2004

remy low schrieb:

> <>*Q:* How can i play matroska files on my PC ?
> *A:* On the download page 
> <http://www.matroska.org/downloads/windows.html> you will always find 
> the link to the very latest DirectShow parser filter, that way you 
> will be able to play your .mkv files on Microsoft Windows wi th every 
> DirectShow based player such as Windows Mediaplayer (6.4/7/8/9), 
> Zoomplayer and BSplayer. The best playback support from Windows is 
> currently achieved with The Core Media Player <http://corecoded.com/>, 
> if the matroska CDL plugin wa s used.
> For Linux PCs, as well as for MacOSX and the X-Box emulation you have 
> to get the newest version of mplayer, and make sure to have a 
> compilation that will include libebml and libmatroska. Suitable RPMs 
> are available from Mosu's mkvtoolnix site 
> <http://www.bu%0Ankus.org/videotools/mkvtoolnix/>.Thats the faq,and 
> thats what i did, i think.I have core dmedia player.And i downloaded 
> and installed the matroska full pack after that.But my mkv files aint 
> working.pls help

I read your other email that you have Realmedia player installed also, 
and to be honest i dont know what to tell you what could be missing. How 
big is the file ? Where did you get it ? Any hints in the filename what 
compression standard was used for video and audio ?

There is a tool that might help you here, its a new tool from Toff 
called   matroskadiag.exe , it will analyse your MKV file and tell you 
what filters are missing for playback. Here is the link to it : 

>   <>Comments for the website:A step by step guide to play mkv files 
> for 1st time users/noobs.(without the lengthy explanations and 
> sidelines introductory and side knowledge facts) Thank u.

Feel free to write one after you got your files playing, we gladly 
upload it  ;-) ....

matroska project admin

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