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John Cannon spyder at matroska.org
Sat Dec 11 17:19:01 CET 2004

Xiong, Peng (Student) wrote:

>I"m having trouble opening the mkv file...i've downloaded everything needed for it...even extra applications to see if it helps....but by all means.....this thing is reallie a head ache............getting smart on stupid peeps aint the way to go around making ur program a #1 hit....can someone please tlel me step by step ---how i can get my mkv file to run and play.....i use VLC player and i get audio..but no video....others..nothing-------
>explain to me as i am a dummie....
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Most likely your file contains RealVideo video so try installing 
RealPlayer or RealAlternative.  Then the file should play in a normal 
media player for windows.  As far as I know VLC doesn't yet support 

John Cannon
Matroska Developer

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