[Matroska-users] SRT won't work inside MKV from AVI

John Anthony Kazos Jr. johnkazos at blacksburg.ntc-com.net
Thu Dec 16 12:58:22 CET 2004

I have done this several times already, so I can't figure out why it won't 
work. I have two AVI files and two SRT files I am trying to combine into 
one MKV file. What I usually do is add a placeholder subtitle to the end of 
the first SRT, make an MKV file for each part, append the two MKV files, 
demux the subtitles, remove the placeholder subtitle, and add the subtitle 
stream back in. I'm using VirtualDubMod and Media Player Classic.

But this time, the subtitles refuse to play inside the MKV. Other files 
work. If the SRT is in the same directory as the AVI or MKV, it loads the 
subtitles from it. But it ignores the subtitle stream inside the MKV. I 
checked, and the subtitle stream /is/ present in the MKV. Video/Audio work 
just fine.

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