[Matroska-users] need help with matroska

overpowering salami i_suck_at_this at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 31 09:19:03 CEST 2004

ok heres the scoop ive dled tcmp 4.01 i installed it... then i installed 
matroska pack full 1.0.3
then i installed real alternative and i still cannot play mkv files
i have direct x 9.0c
i have divx 5.2
i can play ogg files but not matroska
i use windows 98 se
my computer is a 1.5Ghz pentium4 512 ddr ram nvidia tnt 64mg graphics 
card... why or how do i get matroska to play on my computer
when i try and play a mkv file in tcmp it says

TCMP's Core can not render the file " file name"
No combination of filters could be found to render the stream.

when i use window media player classic it just freezes if there is something 
wrong with the video card or it not being compatible with the drivers i got 
or somthing i dont know but what can you make of it and how do i talk 
directly to you guys everytime i respond after you give me an answer you 
just ignore me... its been 4 days since the last time i sent you an 
email...or are you getting bogged down by alot of people not being able to 
use matroska... anywhos if you need to know anything else just tell me and 
ill send it to you
thanks again

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