[Matroska-users] well that wasn't it

overpowering salami i_suck_at_this at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 28 22:38:54 CEST 2004

whenever i try to play a .mkv file it freezes the program. it opens up acts 
like its about to play but freezes up i can see how much time is in the 
video it just wont play it. and the core media player doesnt work either. it 

when you installed full pack 1.0.3 , did it warn you about non-existing 
decoder DLL for Realvideo ? as far as i know, all Ranma series use 
realvideo. if you dont have Realplayer installed, google for 'Real 
Alternative' or realcodec.exe and install it


well i did that found out i had real player already installed but still got 
the 'real alternative' and installed it it still odes the same thing opens 
window looks like its about to play then freezes the program still won't 
work with realplayer or the core media player or media player classic. 
realplayer what happens when i use it is. i open the file, the bottom half 
of the screen where the web pages show up, shows up with a invalid wep page 
the white one... i would tell you the real term for it but real player isnt 
opening right now. i have to restart... sigh oh well hope you can shine a 
bit more light on this than i can

thx again for your time

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