[Matroska-users] RES: Matroska troubled...more specificly this time

easytech easytech at globo.com
Sun Sep 21 01:22:46 CEST 2003

Rio de Janeiro, September 20, 2003


I just finished another download using bit torrent, another matroska
anime that just like the ones I told you before, and likewise it's
predecessors it is shaking when it plays .... the picture keeps
trembling... yet the sound comes out perfectly.

When such a thing happened to my avi video files I used a program like
Divx Fix and rapidly the file would play fine as it was supposed to
do... but with the matroska I just don't know what to do... I don't know
how to fix it using virtualdub mod for instance, when I loaded the file
in the program it played fine, but when I tried to save it as mkv the
result was a file with more than 10 gigabytes, and it's because I
canceled the process before the end.


That was the message that appeared just when the file loaded in the
VirtuaDub Mod

I plays fine within the program, but I don't now what to do to fix it...

I hope my exposition of the problem was more precise this time around.

Congratulations in your project, it is bound to be grand, I was
impressed with the way that you promptly tried to answer my query, keep
up the good work...



I suspect that the problem is in my ignorance in using the VirtualDub
Mod program, anyway if you could walk me through the process of fixing
my files I would appreciate. 

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