[Matroska-users] Re: Severe playback issues

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Sun Sep 28 11:00:35 CEST 2003

HI !

Matt Maher wrote:

> Greetings! Hi there!  I'm quite impressed with Matroska, but I seem to 
> be having a problem with playback.  For some reason the video is 
> extremely jittery, seemingly dropping about half or more of the 
> frames, but then playing fine for about a second, then back to 
> jitters.  The audio never has any problems.  This carries over to 
> every player I've tried on my computer (WMP6.4, WMP9, ATI File Player, 
> etc.) 

Please give us more details, what filters did you install to play 
matroska files ? One of our playback packs from 
http://matroska.free.fr/packs ? Make sure you have CoreVorbis installed 
( its included in all packs ), with the old OggDS filters from 
http://tobias.everwicked.com you will run into problems

> To make things worse, I tried the same file on another person's 
> computer who had also never played Matroska files before, and it 
> worked perfectly on his system, even though it's about 1/4 the speed.
> Please help!!  -Matt Maher

One thing i once had on a fast computer was that i had 100% CPU load 
when playing MKV movies, for whatever reasons. On this PC, i had ffdshow 
installed instaed of the XviD DShow decoder, in its latest alpha version 
from 23rd May ( get it from http://sf.net/projects/ffdshow ), which 
surprised me a lot because ffdshow normally uses less CPU than the 
normal xvid deccoder, not more.

In the end it turned out that i had activated 'use overlay' in the 
ffdshow setup, to enable matroska Aspect Ratio Correction from any 
DirectShow based player ( such as the ones you list above ), and this 
PC's video card had an incompatibility when overlay was used with the 
normal video renderer filter from DirectX9. Using 'The Core Medie 
Player' ( TCMP ) from http://corecoded.com , using its 'Direct Show 
Summoner' function ( in the video settings ) and forcing the use of 
DirectShow's VMR9 ( Video Mixing Renderer 9 ) from DirectX9 did the 
trick for me on this machine, CPU load went down to less than 40% and 
all movies played perfectly !!!

Note this is a video card problem ( incompatibility with DirectX overlay 
function ), and not a matroska problem !

matroska project admin

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