[Matroska-users] Re: Anamorphic Encoding and Playback problems

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Thu Sep 25 04:51:32 CEST 2003


Chris McMillian wrote:

> Hi Christian, this is Chris McMillian again.  Sorry to bother you, but 
> I have two more problems. 
> *Problem 1:*  I recently encoded Equilibrium with no resizing, I just 
> cropped the black borders.  I looked up the movie online, and found 
> that the aspect ratio of the DVD is 2.35:1.  So in the Matroska 
> properties I resiz ed the video from 720 x 368   to  720 x 306, which 
> gives it an AR of 2.35:1.  However when I compare the playback to 
> playing the DVD in Windows Media Player 9, my Matroska encode looks 
> too squashed compared to the DVD.  Am I not resizing the video 
> correctly?  How can one know the correct display size?  Or is WMP9 wrong?
Dont rely on what is written on the DVD packages, most is crap. Make a 
.d2v project file with DVD2AVI from the VOBs, and open it in GordianKNot 
and see what output resolution GKnot recommends. This AR is correct.

> *Problem 2:*  I recently tried to direct stream a .m2v (MPEG) video 
> stream in VDubMod into a Matroska container, and it worked.  However, 
> whenever I try to play this in The Core Media Player, it says no 
> suitable decompressor can be found.  I tried to download some m2v 
> codec, but that didn't work at all either.  I really want to see if 
> its possible to direct stream the m2v into the Matroska container 
> instead of compressing it, because the quality is the same as the 
> original.  Any suggestions?
MPEG2 video in matroska is currently not supported, it will require a 
special tool to do so.


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