[Matroska-users] matroska play back problem!

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Fri Oct 17 00:30:56 CEST 2003

Chris O'Shea wrote:

> Matroska Project Staff
>  cently downloaded a .MKV file

:O :O Hopefully not an 'illegal' download from one of those evil p2p 
networks i hope ??

> and using your website found the correct programs to run it


> ,however the video stream is displayed fliped (ie; left=right, 
> top=bottom);

:O :O !!!! What player were you downloading ? What is your Windows 
version, what videocard do you have and did you test to install ffdshow 
already http://sf.net/projects/ffdshow

> and the audio stream is delayed by a second, i was just wondering how 
> to fix this please! 

The guy making the file should have paid attention to avoid async !! 
However, remux the file into a new MKV with mkvmerge from the latest 
mkvtoolnix Windows binaries, links are in the download section also, and 
adjust the delay accordingly.

> thank you; Chris

You're welcome ...

matroska project admin

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