[Matroska-users] Regarding VDubMod and subtitles

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Thu Oct 16 23:42:14 CEST 2003

Trubbent Gubbotubbay wrote:

>Here is my question.  It is only semi-complicated  :)

LOL .. here you go  :-) !

>I recently obtained a file in the format of '.mkv'.  Bundled with it, was the matroska playback pack, 
what version ?

>and another file with the '.sfv' file format.  
:O ?!? whats that ? never heard of a '.svf' ??

>When I play the .mkv file format, the video skips around, stays constant for a second then begins again.
>  But, the audio is pristine as well are the subtitles.
sounds like an old splitter filter ... goto 
http://matroska.free.fr/packs and get the latest playback pack , 
numbered 0.6. ...

>I read on learning how to use VirtualDUBMod to correct the skipping.  The audio is still correct, but the subtitles are gone.  This brings me to my question.
How can you correct the skipping with VirtualdubMod ? Just by remuxing 
the file into a new .MKV ? Try to mux the file with mkvtoolnix instead, 
the link is on the downloads page on the matroska homepage, simply drop 
the source file into the mmg GUI for mkvmerge, and mux as a new .mkv .

>After I DUB the file, which I have not tried yet for the sheer amount of time it takes, will the subtitles still be there even if the subs are not displayed as the movie is dubbing?
It seems you forgot to set 'video' to 'direct stream copy' , so you are 
trying to reencode the movie, and this would take ages and deteriorate 
the quality a lot. As i dont know if the subtitles in your movie are SRT 
or SSA, i recommend to use mkvmerge instead of VirtualdubMod, as 
reencoding the movie makes no sense and it does not support SSA yet, 
only SRT. In any case, i assume that upgrading to the very latest 
playback pack will solve the playback problems anyhow.

>On another note, your container is amazing, the quality is unrivaled.  I am boggled by the sheer DVD quality of this file format.  Well done!
Thanks. Irs maybe stupid from my side to tell you that, but its not the 
container that is responsible for the good video quality, but the codec 
that was used. The secret of matroska currently is that its only used by 
the Pro's, and these guys know how to make a good encoding with XviD, 
RV9 or DivX5 ;-) ...


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