[Matroska-users] Bug in audio with mkvmerge ?

Ploum ploum at mitose.net
Fri Nov 14 22:15:24 CET 2003

Moritz Bunkus wrote:
> Hi,
> Second time with vpass=1 and '-o video.avi'. 'video.avi' will actually
> contain the original audio as well but that is being discarded when the
> stuff is muxed into Matroska.
thx a lot for your reply !  I will try this week.
>>e) I don't understand this step
> Sorry, I'm pretty tired at the moment. Please read some articles about
> the basics of video encoding. This is basic bitrate calculation stuff.
Sorry, my english is bad. I understand what you are doing in this step 
(a bit ;) ), but I don't understand what must I do that. it doesn't 
seems to be so useful for standard encoding.

>>but, the sound in the movie is awful !
> This is probably due to the new lacing schemes used. Please recompile
> mplayer with libebml 0.6.2 and libmatroska 0.6.1 and make ABSOLUTELY
> sure that you don't have any older version of both libs lying around
> anywhere. This should solve the problem of the sound being ugly.
I use package under Debian Sid.
When you speak about recompiling mplayer, it's only for the mencoder 
part I hope ?  This doesn't affect the player ? (because I want that 
everybody can see the movie without recompiling his player ;) )

> If you want to check whether this is really the problem then add
> '--disable-lacing' to mkvmerge's command line.
Thx ! I will check this before recompiling anything.

>>PS : I have segfaut of mmg on my system ? is it normal ?
> Of course not. Recompile mkvtoolnix with debug options (add
> '--enable-debug' to the configure command). Then run mmg inside of gdb
> and when the segfault occurs type 'bt' in gdb. Then send me the output,
> please.
Sorry.. it's also a misunderstanding. (My english is, at best, awful. 
And today, I'm very tired ;) so I hope you understand a bit)
I was speaking about debian sid package. (I add the line for matrsoka in 
my source list)
I tried mmg without problems a few weeks ago. But, today, it segfaults. 
  I just ask if it's a broken update on the mirror. If nothing was 
changed on the debian repository for a long times, it's then my system.. 
(but why ?)

Thx a lot for your reply. it's my first step in matroska world, but I 
hope I will soon "evangelize" a lot for it :)


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