[Matroska-users] Re: --sync with Matroska input files

Pamel paul at msn.com
Fri Nov 14 06:59:51 CET 2003

"Adam Nielsen" wrote...
> > Interesting. Actually this is pretty unlikely because the sync process
> > inserts or drops frames, so it'll add three seconds of silence in front
> > of your audio track. So I don't see why mplayer should revert to the
> > non-synced behaviour upon seeking.
> That's what I thought - is it possible that timecodes or something aren't
> being rewritten between the two files?  When I mkvmerge the AVI/Ogg I get a
> frame count, but mkvmerging an .mkv gives me a time count (in seconds.)

If you have access to a Windows machine, you might try the Matroska Stream
Instead of inserting empty samples, it simply changes the timecodes on the
Blocks.  It allows you to offset both the video and audio by any amount.  It
also allows appending of tracks, (yes you can append an audio track to a video
track, but that's not very useful is it.  ;)  I honestly don't know though how
mplayer handles these files so if you could comment on that, it would be great.


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