[Matroska-users] mkvtoolnix : split at end of scene

Sn00py sn00py.2 at laposte.net
Tue Nov 25 12:13:25 CET 2003


I like cut my films at end of a scene, then I make movies who size is 1300Mb : I can split it between 650Mb up to 750Mb.
With the OGM-tools come a soft named ogmsplit who give me the 'cuts-point' with 'ogmsplit -p --frontend mymovie.ogm'
with this, I know the position in Mb and the time of each key-frame. I can now found an end of scene between 650Mb and 750Mb.

How can I get the same with mkv ?

I try 'mkvinfo -v mymovie.mkv', but :
	* I don't know how to extract cut-points from this
	* mkvmerge not seem to cut where we ask it to do

for example, if I do : mkvmerge --split 00:20:00 mymovie.mkv -o foo.mkv, mkvmerge split at 00:18:42,423. 
then I do mkvmerge --split 00:19:00 mymovie.mkv -o foo.mkv, the cut-point should be the same, but mkvmerge
cut it before ! (00:17:23,421)

Is this a known issue? 



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