[Matroska-users] How to use --sync option

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at optushome.com.au
Mon Nov 3 05:39:24 CET 2003


I've recently decided to start encoding some TV shows and save them as 
Matroska files, but a few of the shows are slightly out of sync and I need to 
delay the audio.  I've tried using the --sync option with mkvmerge, but it 
seems to be a bit unpredictable - it doesn't behave at all like the manpage 

Could you please let me know how it works?  As I understand it, using "--sync 
-1:250" should delay the audio by 250ms, but instead it's delayed by four 
seconds.  --sync -1:1000 seems to delay by the correct amount of one second, 
but --sync -1:2000 has the same effect - one second delay.

All I need to do is adjust the audio by about 200ms (+/-, not sure which) so 
if you could please let me know how to do that I would really appreciate it!  
The video is ffmpeg mpeg4 and the audio is Vorbis.


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